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Different Refund Options for Different Needs

We know that our customers are as unique as their tax returns, so we offer multiple refund options.

Refund Anticipation Check (RAC)
With our RAC service, you can have your refund in as little as eight days. Funds can be disbursed in the form of a cashier's check, direct deposit or Visa Direct funds card.

Direct Deposit
With this option your refund amount is directly deposited into your account in as little as eight days.

Electronic Filing
When you file electronically, you receive your refund directly from the IRS. Your refund will be mailed to you in about 21 days.

Some customers still prefer filing through the postal service. In this case, once your return is mailed and received, you can expect a refund in about 4 to 6 weeks.

TIP: Be sure to sign your return and attach all required documents. It’s amaz-
ing how many people forget to sign their tax forms and delay processing.

NOTE: RAC requires no upfront expenses. Fees may be deducted from your refund. All clients are subject to qualification. Ask your tax preparer for details.

All major credit and debit cards accepted.

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